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Our Services

IndiGenius & Associates is a native-led consulting firm dedicated to eliminating the over-representation of native people in the criminal justice system. With over 50 years of combined experience in indigenous justice, we offer a robust and multilayered portfolio of services to address justice issues in the context of the unique needs of our own communities.

IndiGenius Gladue writers have extensive experience in interviewing, coordinating and writing high-quality, evidence-based Gladue Reports offered by and for Aboriginal people.

Gladue research and report writing services

Reports for sentencing, NCR, DO, parole and LSO hearings

Preliminary reports for show cause and bail hearings

We offer comprehensive and targeted research projects carried out by top academics and researchers across a wide range of criminal justice issues.

Reclamation and reinvigoration of traditional justice and dispute resolution practices within modern community justice structures

Best practices in community justice and administration

Sentencing circles, healing circles and community conferencing

Restorative justice

Crime prevention

Domestic violence

Corrections and policing

We are committed to capacity-building through collaborative evaluations, which both inform and empower indigenous communities. We will work closely with you and your community to design an evaluation format that is culturally-informed and appropriate, and that respects indigenous values.

Educational, social, housing, agriculture, and economic development programs

Law enforcement agencies, including local police departments, probation, parole and community justice services

Neighborhood crime prevention

Restorative justice

Indigenous needs assessments

Youth justice programs

We provide project development and management services for First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities and organizations. Our unique approach combines traditional practices and structured project management methodologies to ensure lasting and comprehensive change.

Culturally appropriate decision-aiding tools to assist organizations and communities with program development

Community readiness assessments

Feasibility studies

Local government and service evaluations

We believe that education, community ownership and strategic planning are essential in developing strong, sustainable and healthy community justice structures. Our valuable tools and resources reflect our years of experience in supporting, teaching and training indigenous organizations in the spirit of our Seven Grandfather teachings.

Community justice readiness assessments

Sentencing, healing and talking circles

Restorative justice

Lateral violence: stopping the hurt and starting the healing

Domestic violence: prevention, support and healing in community justice

Understanding the criminal justice system and processes

Community justice, criminal law and by-law enforcement

Expansion of community justice jurisdiction: navigating negotiations

Working effectively with external governments and justice institutions

Maximizing community ownership of local justice services

Self governance in Aboriginal justice


IndiGenius is a dream I built on years of experience and a deep commitment to all our communities.
Mark Marsolais


Mark is a proud Ojibway and member of the Whitefish First Nation Indian Band of Manitoulin Island. He has over 30 years’ experience working in Social Services. He has held several positions within Aboriginal organizations helping to develop and oversee First Nation’s justice programs and to ensure that the courts and Indigenous people understand the programming available whether on bail, incarcerated, diverted or reintegrated back into the community. In addition, Mark spent over 17 years working as a Case Manager with phase I, phase II and adult offenders both in open and  secure closed facilities, as well as working over 9 years with adolescents legislated to a Secure Intensive treatment facility with mental disorders.  Presently, within IndiGenius & Associates Mark is responsible for the daily activities of the company and liaises with the Aboriginal Court Workers, Aboriginal Programs, NADAP Workers, CSC Healing Lodges,  Police, Courts, Law Firms and Correctional Services Canada on judicial matters pertaining to cases they are actively involved with, and offers a range of Aboriginal justice services within his company, including research on community needs within the justice system, development and monitoring of restorative justice programs, Peacemaking and Sentencing Circles, and Gladue services. Mark also maintains a position as an IRSSS Residential School Crisis Line Counsellor with Donna Cona, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (Resolution Individual Affairs Sector). In addition to this work, Mark has held important positions on a number of committees, including the Restorative Justice Network, Mental Health Steering Committee for the Ottawa Courts and the Canadian Association of Mental Health. Mark also spends a great deal of time teaching and mentoring Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students, individuals and organizations who have an interest in understanding the fundamentals of Aboriginal justice and the impact these have on Aboriginal people and communities.



native people in federal prison


% of the total offender population were Aboriginal


% of the total women in custody were Aboriginal


% rise in the number of native women in prison in the past decade


Our extensive list of Aboriginal justice cases provides background on the evolution of Gladue at the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Superior Court, the Court of Justice and the Youth Court over the last few years.


We would love to work with you to research and prepare your client’s Gladue Report. Here you can download important information and learn more about the process.


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