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IndiGenius and Associates respects the rights of our clients to be involved in the selection of the person or firm that will be writing their Gladue Report. For this reason we will always seek consent from the client before commencing the Gladue Report, even if the name of the potential client comes from their legal representative, crown attorney or other sources.
This section includes copies of forms IndiGenius and Associates use to confirm authorization from the client to start the work on their Gladue Report. The forms also provide us with authorization to request documents from their lawyer and other sources, and explain our confidentiality policy and the limits to the confidentiality that relate to the creation of the report.
We have provided sample copies of the forms we use in this appendix as well as hard copy forms which you may use to initiate the production of a Gladue Report for a client, should you wish to do so.






  • Consent to Participate in Gladue Interview – this form is used to obtain consent from primary and secondary interviewees; it also confirms the interview process, and the nature of the information we will require and include in the Gladue Report.


  • Gladue Report Referral Form please use this form to provide us with any details or information on any individual that may be entitled to have a Gladue Report created. We will use this information to contact the individual, their lawyer, or other sources to initiate the process of creating a report.