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Information for Legal Counsel

IndiGenius & Associates work with a team of dedicated, skilled individuals who specialize in different areas of the Gladue Report development process. Our approach is to work with a team of professionals who are trained and have the expertise necessary to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. It is the job of our team to ensure that the final report tells an honest, balanced story of who this individual is, and how their life path to this point has brought them before the Court.

Researching and Writing a Gladue Report

The process of researching and writing a Gladue Report consists of five steps:


  1. Initial interview with your client. We will need to meet with your client to explain the Gladue Report process and obtain his or her informed consent for us to complete the report. At this initial meeting we will ask your client to sign four documents, including:(1) Client Agreement to Production of a Gladue Report by IndiGenius & Associates;
    (2) Consent to Participate in Gladue Interview;
    (3) Confidentiality and Release of Information – Exceptions to Confidentiality;
    (4) Authorization for the Disclosure, Transmittal, or Examination of Confidential Information.

    Once these forms are completed, they will be scanned and emailed to you for your records and to enable you to release necessary documents. We will also provide your client with two documents: “Understanding Your Gladue Rights” and “What Your Gladue Writer Needs to Know”, both of which will assist him or her to prepare for the second, substantive interview.


  1. Collection and collation of relevant records and documents. In order to enable us to complete the report efficiently and in a timely manner, we would ask that you provide us with the following materials, at your earliest convenience:
  • Charge Synopsis
  • Criminal Record Check/CPIC, if available
  • Previous Gladue Reports, if any
  • Previous or current Pre-sentence Reports, if any
  • Information which can inform of any treatment, mental health interventions & etc., which are relevant to your client’s wellness and to his or her Gladue Report and rights.


We will keep this information secure and confidential, and it will be destroyed once the report is completed and in your possession. Any scanned and emailed documents will be deleted, and any paper copies will be shredded.


Please Note: The only documents we will retain for our records are the completed Gladue Report and your client’s consents and permissions.


As a general rule, we do not ask your client about the current offences, although the report will communicate their “attitude toward and understanding of the current offences”. The focus of the report is on the unique background factors and circumstances that may have contributed to your client’s offending and record, and the suggestion of culturally-appropriate sentencing options and alternatives to incarceration.


It is very important that we receive a DEADLINE FOR COMPLETION OF THE REPORT. If we do not know when you require the report, or do not receive the necessary documents in a timely fashion, we cannot guarantee that the report will be available when you and your client need it. Completing a report requires at least THREE WEEKS, so please work with us by ensuring we have what we need so you can receive what you need, when you need it.


  1. Substantive interview to obtain Gladue information from your client. We will meet with your client and complete an interview which is designed to elicit important background information about your client, and to do so in a manner which is sensitive, culturally-appropriate and safe. This interview will usually last 2-3 hours, and it may be done immediately following the initial interview, or it may be done separately and at a later date. If your client is in jail, we will arrange to meet with him or her there; if your client is not in jail, we will meet with them in a mutually-convenient and appropriate location to conduct the interview(s). Given the constraints that apply when accessing clients in jail, it may require more than 1-2 meetings to complete the interviews. All interview tapes and notes will be destroyed once the report is complete and in your possession.


  1. Contact and interview other persons your clients wishes us to interview for his or her Gladue Report. In the substantive interview we will seek direction from your client regarding other people he or she feels can assist us to understand his or her life to date. We will obtain contact information and try to contact and interview these people. If they reside in the Ottawa or surrounding area, we will arrange to meet them and conduct an in-person interview; if the interviewee resides at a considerable distance, such as out of province or up north, we may have little choice but to conduct the interview over the telephone. This is not the most desirable way to connect with people, but sometimes it is unavoidable. In some cases, we may not be able to successfully contact some of these potential interviewees. Where we are unable to connect with them in any way after three attempts, we will not be able to include their information in the Gladue Report. As with your client’s interviews, all tapes and notes arising from other interviews will be destroyed once the report is complete and in your possession.


  1. Writing the report. Once all interviews are complete and we have received all of the documents and records noted above, the writing process will begin. As a general rule, writing the report does not require more than 2 days; however, where a report is especially complex or we do not receive all the documents or records, writing the report may require much more time.


Shortly after you receive the completed Gladue Report, you will receive an invoice for our services. Please submit this invoice directly to your client or Legal Aid, when authorization has been received for a disbursement to cover the cost of the report. Payment for our services is usually requested within 30 days of your receipt of the invoice.