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Hello and welcome to IndiGenius & Associates:

I am very excited about bringing our passion for Indigenous justice to the next level, and to work with others who share our vision. What is that vision? In the simplest of terms, we believe that the lives of First Nation’s, Inuit and Métis people must be characterized by justice, both in courtrooms, through such things as recognition and respect of Gladue rights and principles, and in communities, through social justice in many forms, including culturally-relevant and informed education, good housing, healthy families and, perhaps most importantly, self-government.

Self-government is something that we believe encompasses more than just greater control by communities and local government over infrastructures and territory. True self-government is about supporting and nurturing individuals in such a manner as to provide them with ‘government of the self’ – that is, we must produce people who are healed and healthy, who have good education, supportive families, strong life chances and pride in themselves, their culture and community. When people have such things, they are able to take control over their own lives and build themselves into the strong, proud and happy people the Creator meant them to be. When we each have the resources and power to govern the self, it is not a big step to governing our communities and rebuilding our nations.

Indigenous Justice is a central pillar in self-government, whether of individuals or nations. Since the Supreme Court’s decision in Tsilhqot’in, we are poised to be respected in our control of our lands. Thanks to decisions like Gladue and Ipeelee, we are poised to be respected in our rights before the courts. We are making progress, but there is still work to be done. Many people do not understand what Indigenous justice is, both as a process and as a concept. At IndiGenius, we have the expertise to assist people, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to understand the many aspects of Indigenous law and justice, and to educate them about Gladue, Indigenous concepts of justice, community justice, restorative justice – well, you can check out our services elsewhere on our website. Suffice to say here that we have all spent much time in communities and have been given much knowledge and many teachings; we combine these with knowledge gained in the westernized justice system to work collaboratively to bring a wealth of resources for individuals and communities who wish to better-understand and realize Indigenous justice.


Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow